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Guy Relford was recently at an event at Premier Arms discussing the topic of “defunding the ATF”.

The incredibly horrible development over the last hundred years has been the creation and the permissiveness associated with an entirely unconstitutional 4th branch of government that has arisen in this country, completely inconsistent with the intent of the founding of this country.

This 4th branch of government is acting like a legislative body that is making rules that can put you in jail, violating the separation of powers. The ATF, along with other administrative bodies like the IRS, is in the executive branch. They are to only enforce laws; they are not supposed to be making laws or interpreting law. Even worse, when the executive leaves office, they stay. They are not beholden to the voter.

We’ve allowed one branch of government, that the founders of this country never intended to exist at all, to possess all powers: Legislative, executive, and judicial. That’s not the way the founders created this country.

Guy’s argument is not that we should necessarily “defund the ATF”, but that we should pull back the unconstitutional powers it has gained over the years.

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