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Fatal Accident on 465

Source: X / (Formerly Twitter)

INDIANAPOLIS — A truck driver was hit and killed on 465 westbound Monday. ISP Sgt said the accident happened near the off-ramp from Allisonville Road. State Police Sergeant John Perrine says a semi, lost a wheel, leading to a subsequent car hitting the wheel, which became trapped underneath.

“A semi had lost a wheel; the entire front came off and was in the travel lane,” said Perrine. “That semi pulled into the gore point of the ramp, between the main line and the ramp, out of the roadway. Another vehicle came along and hit that wheel. Once they hit the wheel, they lost control and struck a person who was standing outside of that truck.”

Perrine says drivers should never exit their vehicle on the highway after they are involved in an accident.

“Whether you are broken down on the side of the highway or involved in a minor crash, the safest place is inside your vehicle with your seatbelt on.”

The ramp from westbound I-465 to Allisonville Road was closed Monday morning, causing several miles of backed-up traffic. It reopened by 9 a.m.