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Last September, Indiana State Senator Fady Qaddoura was pushing for more localized control of gun regulations. On Friday Qaddoura introduced his first draft on how he intends to do this.

The bill’s intention is to amend the state preemption law, which protects gun owners of Indiana from a patchwork of firearms regulations from municipality to municipality. In July of this year, the city of Indianapolis passed Proposal 156 which would enact various gun control measures within the city and Marion County. By amending the state preemption law, Qaddoura’s bill would allow Proposal 156 to take effect, and other gun regulations passed in left-leaning parts of the state.

Guy Relford says the bill is dead on arrival. One, it’s completely impractical. Hoosiers should have the same protections of their 2nd Amendment rights whether you live in Fishers or live in Indianapolis. Second, the bill is unconstitutional. The Supreme Court has ruled in the Heller and Bruen decisions that private citizens have the right under the Second Amendment to possess an ordinary type of weapon and their right to carry for self-defense is not subject to the political whims of local jurisdictions.

Lastly, more gun regulation does not reduce crime. Criminals do not follow the law by definition.

What logical thinking person believes that a criminal whose intent on committing a violent criminal act like murder, or rape, or armed robbery, where depending on the crime can get that person decades in prison, or life in prison, or for certain murders the death penalty, what makes you think that  hardened criminal… who you are trying to deter… is going to be dissuaded from committing their violent crime because the city of Indianapolis is going to fine them? That’s right, that’s the only thing the city of Indianapolis can do, they can’t put people in jail, they can only pass an ordinance. And the only penalty for an ordinance violation is to get fined.

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