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Michael Cargill, a gun rights advocate and the owner of Central Texas Gun Works in Austin, joined Guy Relford on The Gun Guy Show to talk about his case soon to be heard in the Supreme Court. The case revolves around the Trump Bump Stock ban. President Donald Trump’s administration imposed the ban after the mass shooting in Las Vegas in 2017. 

Cargill and Relford are not fans of bump stocks, but they are opposed to executive agencies writing law outside of Congress. 

The results of this case will be far reaching. Per Cargill: 

This is not just a gun case. This could be OSHA, this could be any agency within our federal government that decides to ban something. Or they’re trying to do something, where they turn millions of Americans into felons overnight, we’re saying “hey, you can’t do that… you’re an agency within the federal government… you have to go to Congress, Congress has got to write a bill, and it has to be signed by the President, and that’s how laws are made.”

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