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Predictably, the media and politicians after a tragic mass shooting will immediately talk about new “sensible” gun laws that need to be passed. This is a simplistic view on how to prevent these tragedies. Focus must not be on the “tool” used for violence, but on how can these acts by evil people be prevented. 

In reaction to those who argue that gun bans need to be enacted, Guy said the following on his Saturday show: 

There are probably 20 million, at a minimum, rifles that fall within the definition of a so called “assault weapons” ban… Ask yourself this question, “if that law was passed tomorrow, of that 20 million, who would turn them in, and who wouldn’t? 

As the bumper sticker saying goes, “if you outlaw the guns, only the outlaws will have the guns”. Criminals, murderers and terrorists don’t care about the laws you pass. The answer is not new gun laws, the answer is for more law-abiding citizens to have guns that know how to use them. The criminal needs to know that he may receive return fire if he were to act on his evil. 

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