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Congressman Steve Scalise recently dropped out of the race for Speaker of the House. Scalise came to national prominence after being horribly wounded by a “Bernie Bro” liberal, who came to a congressional baseball practice to kill as many Republicans as possible. Because Scalise was being discussed as the next Speaker of the House, and had happened to be a victim of a violent gun crime, Late-Nite host Jimmy Kimmel thought it was appropriate to target Scalise for mockery.

Guy Relford reacted:

There is already a law against murder, Jimmy Kimmel… there were all kinds of laws that were violated that day. Apparently, you’re one of these idiots who thinks that passing one more law is going to get a lunatic to suddenly start complying with the law.  The way to keep people safe, is to allow people the ability to defend themselves.

There’s an old saying that a liberal is just a conservative that hadn’t been mugged yet. Many of those who attend Guy’s gun training classes are people that have been victims of crime. Generally speaking, victims of crime understand the need for self-defense, so it should not come as a surprise that Scalise would hold to 2A beliefs after being a victim of a violent crime. Kimmel apparently is so tone-deaf to not pick up on that.

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