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Source: SOPA Images / Getty

LEBANON — A videographer working for Reuters has been killed in the Middle East, in the midst of ongoing fights between Israel and Palestine.

The news organization says Issam Abdallah was killed in southern Lebanon, where he was part of a group filming a live video feed. Six other journalists were hurt, including two working for Reuters.

It seems that Abdallah was killed near Alma al-Shaab, due to missiles fired between Israel and military group Hezbollah. At the time, his former employer said it was “urgently seeking more information” and “working with authorities in the region.”

Now, Reuters says Lebanese Prime Minister Najib Mikati is blaming Israel for the fatal shelling. Media organization Al Jazeera also says Israel is to blame, as “international media crews” were “in an agreed-upon location.”

Representatives for the country have said that they will “investigate,” and that they are saddened by the deaths of the journalists.