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Guy Relford celebrated a big victory in court this week where his client was able to successfully ward off a lawsuit against them after using justifiable lethal self-defense against a man who was in the act of a home invasion. As a backdrop Guy began his show talking about a course he took where the officer teaching the course said that winning the battle against the bad guy is the first of three battles that one may face. The first battle is defending against the bad guy, the second battle is facing potential criminal charges for using justifiable lethal force. And battle three is facing potential civil liability for using the lethal force.

This unfortunately has happened in too many cases of justifiable self-defense. Ohio County resident Kystie Phillips, formerly Jaehnen, was sued in 2019 by the family of Justin Holland for the 2017 shooting where she used a gun to save the life of an officer. Guy Relford represented Kystie and won her case in court against a wrongful death civil lawsuit.

Frustrated by the absurdity of system that allows families of criminals to sue those who lawfully use a gun in self-defense, Guy proceeded to write a law that he helped pass with Rep Jim Lucas. The law that Guy wrote and helped pass successfully protected a family against a lawsuit after they used lethal force against a home invader. In addition, the judge ordered the plaintiffs to reimburse the legal fees. This is a deterrent that will make future lawsuits less likely as plaintiffs will not want to risk paying for their frivolous lawsuit.

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