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INDIANAPOLIS — The family of Anthony Maclin has filed a civil lawsuit against the three officers present for his shooting, the chief of police, and the city of Indianapolis.

“Today, we filed a complaint against all three officers,” says the Maclin family attorney during a Monday press conference, “including the supervisor who fired one shot, but then sat by as the other two officers fired thirty more over seven seconds.”

Last Friday, officers Carl Chandler and Alexander Gregory with Indianapolis Metro Police were indicted by a grand jury in the December, 2022 shooting of Anthony Maclin.

Police body camera footage shows Maclin asleep in his car, which had Florida license plates. His grandmother had called 911 because she didn’t recognize the car in her driveway.

The officers approach the car and spot what they believed to be a gun in Maclin’s lap. Body camera footage shows the officers make a plan to knock on the window to wake Maclin up.

Almost immediately following the knock on the window, Anthony Maclin appears to wake-up and all officers begin shouting “police” and one officer says “hands up” before an immediate series of gunshots into Maclin’s car.

Maclin’s family attorney claims Chandler and Gregory’s supervisor fired one shot and later bailed the men out of jail.

The Maclin family attorney calls that just one example of a complete lack of accountability for IMPD officers, and he says that mindset begins at the top with the chief of police, Randal Taylor.

“So, what sends a better message than ‘we have your back, what you did is not wrong’, then the supervisor, who should’ve prevented that, is the one that’s paying their bonds. He (Chief Taylor) has the authority to suspend an officer without pay and recommend termination, and he could do that right away. He could do that today, and he should do that today. He (Chief Taylor) puts them (officers) off for a few days, paid. Then he slides them back into a desk job, paid. And then when the media furor dies down, they go right back into their regular job, paid.”

Maclin’s family attorney praised Marion County Prosecutor Ryan Mears for his efforts in charging officers Chandler and Gregory. Members of several local church groups have called for Chief Taylor’s resignation, claiming he has not provided a safe city for African Americans.

IMPD’s statement, if any is released, will be included.

Audio from the press conference is included below.