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Source: BrianAJackson/Getty Images

INDIANAPOLIS — Two Indy Metro Police officers have been indicted, following the shooting of a man last December.

The Marion County Prosecutor’s Office announced Friday that Carl Chandler and Alexander Gregory are facing a variety of charges, including Battery with a Deadly Weapon and Criminal Recklessness.

This indictment is connected to the December 2022 shooting of Anthony Maclin, who was sitting in a car in his grandma’s driveway on North Oxford Street when he was shot by officers. His licensed handgun was in his lap.

His grandmother had apparently called police because she did not recognize the vehicle. Maclin later said he had been resting in his car in order to not disturb his grandma.

Attorney Steven Wagner said officers fired about 30 rounds into Maclin’s car, all before the man could “grab” or even “touch” his licensed firearm.

Criminal cases for the officers will now head to Marion County Superior Court 20.

“We are extremely disappointed in the Marion County Prosecutor’s decision to file criminal indictments against Officers Chandler & Gregory. These officers acted in accordance with their training to defend their lives when a subject grabbed a gun and raised it toward them. Video, testimonial, and other evidence will establish the legality of their actions. These charges only represent probable cause to hold a trial and are not proof of guilt.

This attempt by the Marion County Prosecutor to criminalize officer’s actions taken in the performance of their duties while protecting themselves and the public represents an alarming trend of targeting police officers. The men and women of law enforcement are not only legitimately in fear of their personal safety in an increasingly violent community, but are too often also being placed in legal jeopardy for simply trying to do their jobs.

Officers Chandler & Gregory look forward to a full and fair opportunity to defend themselves in court and establish that they acted legally and appropriately.”

John Kautzman

Edward Merchant

Attorneys for Officers Chandler & Gregory