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Guy Relford made an appearance on Newsmax yesterday to talk about the Hunter Biden’s indictment on firearms charges.

(Guy Relford appearance at 1:19:39) 

On his radio show Saturday, Guy explains how Hunter’s defense may expand gun rights here in the United States. Hunter’s attorney made an appearance on CNN saying that the charges are unconstitutional. Guy says that he might be right. Based on the Supreme Court Bruen decision, many of the “balancing” regulations enforced by states and localities were ruled unconstitutional. The 5th Circuit recently ruled that intoxication via marijuana should not deny one’s 2nd Amendment rights. Guy grants that there is a difference between crack and marijuana, but that has yet to be decided by the courts.

Imagine if a precedent set by the Hunter Biden case could ultimately lead to a more broad application to the ruling that the statute the government is relying on is unconstitutional, which actually at the end of the day expands gun rights in the United States!

Guy ultimately doesn’t believe that Hunter will serve a day in prison for these charges and admits that this may all be a political distraction, but the constitutional arguments will be fascinating to watch.

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