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Riley Gaines has become the name, face, spokesperson, and activist for women in women’s sports. Since 2022 she has not only lobbied for laws to prohibit transgender women from women’s sports, but she has also been on the world stage calling out the NCAA and other sports organization for not supporting female athletes.

Gaines famously competed against trans woman Lia Thomas at the NCAA Women’s Swimming & Diving Championships in 2022. Gaines and Thomas tied for fifth place.

Riley joined the Hammer and Nigel Show to talk about her experience competing against the first openly transgender woman who ultimately won the NCAA championship. Gaines also explains the problem with using terms such as “biological woman.”

“When we use the word ‘biological’, when we add that little prefix in there it’s illuding to the fact there is an un-biological alternative. And that’s how they do it. They love to control the language that we use… They do it in these ways to where you can kind of desensitize to what’s happening, to normalize what’s happening. Even the term ‘trans woman’ I won’t say, because that implies, they are some subset of a woman. No, it’s a man that identifies as a woman.”

Check out her new podcast, OutKick’s Gaines For Girls!

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