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COVID cases are on the rise and with that comes a push of bringing back mask and vaccine mandates. Senator Mike Braun told the Hammer and Nigel Show that he would not let that happen again in the Hoosier state.

The senator, who is running for governor of the state, told the show that he was disappointed on how the pandemic was handled the first time around from mandates to lockdowns. He says he has never supported shutdowns and won’t start anytime soon.

“I would not be for any mandates coming from our state government… I have a voting record, a track record that makes me one of the most conservative senators in the US Senate. I practice what I preach too and it will be on principle.”

Another topic that is on the mind of every Hoosier is the massive increase in property taxes. Sen. Braun said that in every county he’s visited it’s a major concern. He believes that Gov. Holcomb should have put a cap on the system as it was getting out of hand.

“I’ve heard so many complaints about it. It’d be something I would try to fix so that in the future if you’re ever getting spiked and if nothing is fixed before I get there is that you would obviously put on a lid on how much something can go up in a given year. It should be no more than the growth of the economy at best.”

He takes pride in his conservative values, business background, and assures he hasn’t lost sight of his roots.

Sen. Braun is running against fellow Republicans Brad Chambers, former Indiana Secretary of Commerce, Suzanne Crouch, Lt. Gov, Curtis Hill, and Eric Doden for the GOP Governor ticket.

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