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Severe Weather Chances

Source: X / @NWS

INDIANAPOLIS –Two rounds of potentially severe weather are expected to hit Indiana, starting later tonight and continuing into tomorrow.

“Tonight, there could be some thunderstorms coming in from Illinois at midnight or thereafter,” says Meteorologist Alex McGinnis of the National Weather Service. “Looks like there’s a better chance for severe weather embedded with that up toward Lafayette and upper Wabash Valley areas.” 

The threat in the capital city isn’t very severe. There’s a marginal risk, with some rumbles of thunder expected. McGinnis says forecasters aren’t confident that severe weather will hit Indianapolis tonight.

“Damaging winds would be the only potential threat, and even that would be fairly isolated and marginal, maybe more like fifty miles an hour stuff as opposed to severe, and that would be in the more northern parts of Central Indiana, says McGinnis. “

He added that the bigger concern is Wednesday when a cold front moves across Indiana. This could bring a second round of storms to areas south and east of Indianapolis, with a higher chance of heavy rain and some strong to severe storms.

The first round of storms is expected to hit around midnight tonight and continue into the early morning, with showers and moderately strong winds being the main threats.

The second round of showers will occur on Wednesday afternoon or early evening, affecting areas along the I-70 corridor and points south and east, with risks of damaging winds and some flooding.

McGinnis says it will rain on Sunday for the Indianapolis 500, but he doesn’t know if it will rain before or after the race.

“It’s several days out, and I’m confident that it’s not going to be as warm,” says McGinnis. “There are indications that there will be showers around, maybe a thunderstorm or two. Will it be raining during the race? It’s too early to say.”