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After a weekend of looking at the polls, the only thing that is clear is former President Donald Trump still holds a huge lead.

Everything else is hard to make sense of.

Trump leads in every poll available and has Florida Governor Ron DeSantis trailing him. The social media consensus, not Tony Katz’s thought, was that Vivek Ramaswamy won the debate, yet he was not able to overtake DeSantis as he remains in third place.

The numbers on the polls are jarring though. The New York Post released their latest number, and they have DeSantis in the single digits, and he is in second place. They have everyone in single digits.

A few of the polls have Ramaswamy in double digits, but he still sits comfortably in third place after the first Republican Primary debate.

Ramaswamy is followed in fourth by Nikki Haley, then it is former Indiana Governor Mike Pence in fifth. Everyone after that is irrelevant.

Trump still holds a dominant lead of 40 points over DeSantis. Things can still be shaken up.

What happens to the polls if Trump is sent to jail? There is so much yet to happen with these indictments against Trump. Whatever the outcomes are, they could have a major impact on the polls.

To hear Tony try and make sense of the new polls, click the link below.