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The first GOP debate took place last night. A few candidates stood out, but Florida Governor Ron DeSantis won the debate.

The Florida governor has been the popular choice to overtake former President Donald Trump for the Republican nominee. Trump’s decision not to show up for the debate was a risky move. It could prove costly, or it could mean nothing, and he could continue to dominate the polls.

There has to be some worry in Trump’s corner though after the night DeSantis had. His ability to command the stage last night is an indication that the Republican Primary is not destined to end with Trump as the winner as so many people and media personalities have suggested.

Heading into the debate there were at most four people who could have grabbed our attention. DeSantis, Ramaswamy, Tim Scott, and Nikki Haley. The other four candidates on stage were irrelevant.

Ramaswamy threw a lot of haymakers and was attacked just as viciously. Nikki Haley was great on foreign policy and abortion. Tim Scott seemed nice.

Of the four, DeSantis stood out the most. After the opening question, DeSantis settled in and spoke fluently and calmly.

His night was not perfect, but he righted the ship that had been sailing off course.

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