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Cell phones, abortion, and the first Republican Primary debate were three of the biggest stories Tony Katz covered this week.

There has been a debate between teachers and parents on whether students should be allowed to carry phones in school. The Metropolitan School District of Martinsville has a new policy that requires students to keep their phones in their lockers all day. Parents think this is a major safety issue. They want to be able to access their child in case there is an emergency. The policy has sparked quite the debate.

The abortion story addresses the Indiana Supreme Court. They have decided not to rehear their decisions on abortion. That means that their decision on a near total abortion ban has taken place. The ACLU lost their appeal, which was the final thing standing in the way of the new policy.

The final story from this week goes back two days. The first Republican Primary debate happened, and it is still one of the biggest stories in the news currently. Part of that story was former President Donald Trump’s decision to do a Tucker Carlson interview instead of showing up at the debate.

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