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The woke culture is starting to get a taste of their own self-righteous medicine.

It is seen time and time again that the average consumer is using their hard-earned dollars to push back on cancel culture. In the last several months alone, there are prime examples of just what Americans really think about being ‘woke.’

Example 1: Country singer Jason Aldean was shamed on social media after his music video release of his song “Try That in a Small Town.” The video showed real footage of riots in small towns across the nation during the summer of 2020. Despite being pulled from major country music radio and television, the song remains as number one on the iTunes charts since July.

Example 2: The internet trolls also came for a movie shedding light on the issue of human trafficking, Sound of Freedom. The film received backlash due to the conservative production company backing it. However, with a support from moviegoers the film has since grossed $163 million domestically.

Example 3: And we cannot forget the moment an executive of Bud Light decided to self-proclaim their customer base as ‘frat boys’ and in turn pushed a trans influencer partnership. That move alone has cost the beer company over $27 billion in market value since April.

Bobby Burack, from Outkick, joined the Hammer and Nigel show just how the silent majority is changing the game. He says while the left may be louder online with messaging and trends, the conservative is louder in dollars and support.

All throughout history one thing has remained constant; the common man controls the country. They don’t do it through messaging. They do it through votes, transactions, consumer habits, and boycotts….At the end of the day the people below empower those above- meaning nobody can get to power or influence unless they have people below them supporting them.

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