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Shooting in Jeffersonville

Source: Indiana State Police

JEFFERSONVILLE, Ind.–A man in Jeffersonville was shot and killed by police late Tuesday night.

Police say they got a call from someone who lived in the AVIA apartments on North Shore Drive asking them to check on a man named Richard Glass. The caller says Glass made “some concerning statements that he was going back to prison before walking back into his apartment.” After that, they got another 911 call from Glass himself. They say he claimed someone was trying to hack his phone and that he wanted police to respond.

Jeffersonville police and other emergency medical personnel responded to the scene, but Glass wouldn’t open the door and said “he did not believe they were officers,” according to a news release. He also said several times that he had a gun. Officers pulled back to try and de-escalate the situation.

Shortly after that, officers say they got another 911 call from someone who reported hearing shots fired from within the apartment. At around 11:30, some officers who were outside the building said Glass was shooting from his apartment window towards them.

Investigators say they tried to get him to listen, but were not successful, and he fired two more times from his window.

“When Glass once again pointed the weapon out the window, he was shot by a responding SWAT team member,” said the news release.

They confirmed Glass was dead at the scene. No other civilians or officers were hurt in the incident. Glass was 65 years old.

Indiana State Police is investigating the shooting at the request of Jeffersonville Police Chief Kenny Kavanaugh.