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You know what’s better than doughnuts and coffee? Doughnuts, coffee, AND alcohol. On the heels of the spiked drink trend, Dunkin’ is brewing up their own versions of spiked coffees and teas.

Popular drink publication VinePair has leaked details that the doughnut chain is on their way to release several flavors of both spiked coffee and tea, “Dunkin’ Spiked.” Representatives of Dunkin’ hinted that the rumors are true, they told TODAY;

“Dunkin’ is brewing up something special (and spiked) for adult iced coffee and iced tea lovers. While we can’t confirm any new additions to Dunkin’s lineup of ready-to-drink products at this time, stay tuned for more news soon!”

The iced coffees and teas will come in four flavors, containing 5-6% ABV. That’ll put a pep in your step! The iced coffee will come in original coffee, caramel, mocha, and vanilla. The teas will consist of sweet tea, half and half, strawberry dragon fruit, and mango pineapple.

While no release date is currently available, it will not be sold in Dunkin’ restaurants. Right now, just the east coast is set to have these spiked drinks on the shelves by the end of the year, but rumors say they’ll exapnd to other states in early 2024.

Now this is something we can dunk our doughnuts in!