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INDIANAPOLIS — As the week progresses, residents of Indiana will experience warmer weather. Jason Puma, a forecaster with the National Weather Service, predicts that temperatures will rise to the lower to mid-90s.


Yesterday, there were scattered showers due to warmer temperatures. However, the actual danger of severe weather is expected to occur on Wednesday in Central Indiana. Regions to the northeast of Indianapolis, including Fort Wayne, Kokomo, and South Bend, should anticipate severe weather.


“Tomorrow is going to be one of those days across Central Indiana with the heat building in, but we’re also going to need pay attention for chances of severe thunderstorms,” he said. “We need to be able to put our safety plans into place in case anything happens in these areas.


Puma advised residents to prepare safety plans in case of severe weather. He warned that severe storms could arise suddenly and change direction depending on the temperature.


“In one area, you might get a big downpour lasting 10-15 minutes, and somewhere else, you might not get a drop,” he said. “That’s the hit-and-miss nature of convective thunderstorms.”