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“Would an occasional blackout help solve climate change?” is the title of an article posted to the LA Times. Democrats are absurd for this.

This idea is total absurdity. They are not kidding. This is a serious idea. They started the article raising this question, “What’s more important: Keeping the lights on 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, or solving the climate crisis?”

Well, considering that the same Democrats who want to cut the power and have blackouts; are the same people who want everything to be electric they should keep the lights on. When you follow the line of common sense, it becomes apparent how ridiculous this idea is.

Let us require everyone to drive an electric vehicle, then initiate a blackout so they cannot charge their car. Let us require everyone to get rid of their gas stove and use electric, then cut the power so they cannot use their electric stove.

This idea by the Left is utterly ridiculous.

No rational person would want this. Initiating blackouts in California in the middle of the summer is an awful idea. Yes, when it is 110 degrees outside, we will force everyone to live with no air conditioning.

The development of society is a good thing. Why are they trying to make us go backwards? It does not make any sense.

To hear Tony Katz’s thoughts on this preposterous idea, click the link below.