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Indiana was voted the seventh worst state to live in, in the United States. This is an absurd ranking. We are much better than that.

CNBC does a yearly ranking of the 10 best and worst states to live in. The article gives reasoning as to why Indiana is the seventh worst place to live saying, “With fewer than 10 licensed childcare facilities per 100,000 residents, the Hoosier State is making it hard for some families to fully participate in the workforce. It is the second-worst figure in the nation (behind Louisiana), according to the advocacy group Child Care Aware. Protections against discrimination under state law are limited as well.”

The rankings are based off of various categories including, crimes rates, environmental quality, health care, inclusiveness, voting rights, reproductive rights, protections against discrimination, and the quality and availability of childcare. CNBC combines all of these and gives states a “life, health, and inclusion score.”

Indiana scored a 113 out of 350.

The other states mentioned amongst the 10 worst states are interesting. Texas was voted the worst state to live in, Florida was ranked 10th, and Tennessee was ranked ninth. The other states listed are Missouri at 6th, Alabama & South Carolina tied for 4th, Louisiana at 3rd, and Oklahoma at 2nd.

Meanwhile, the top 10 best states to live in are Connecticut at 10th, Massachusetts and Colorado tied for 8th, Washington at 7th, Oregon at 6th, Hawaii at 5th, Minnesota at 4th, New Jersey at 3rd, Maine at 2nd, and Vermont in the number one spot.

Do you notice a difference?

Florida, Tennessee, and Texas are states that people are flocking to. Do you know anyone who is moving to New Jersey or Minnesota?

If you want to live in a place with radical laws, then move to Minnesota. Massachusetts is trying to pass new gun laws that go against the Constitution.

The top places to live all scored high on inclusion. Indiana did not. These rankings are based on how tolerant these places are. Not whether they are actually good places to live or not.

To hear Tony Katz’s thoughts on these rankings, click the link below.