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GOP Candidate for Mayor of Indianapolis Jefferson Shreve is receiving major backlash after releasing his plans for public safety.

Shreve announced details of his public safety plan Thursday. The Republican candidate surprised several political leaders and voters in his party, specifically regarding his gun safety measures. In the published plan he includes the ban of assault weapons in Indianapolis, restoring the requirement for a permit to carry a concealed firearm, and raising the minimum age to purchase all firearms to 21.

In a campaign video found on the Shreve for Mayor site, it says “Here’s the truth; Jefferson Shreve supports the ban on assault weapons and the repeal of permitless carry.”

Hammer and Tony Kinnett discuss the grave mistake of this new gun plan. They believe this move alone caused Shreve the mayoral election in November.

Guy Relford, “The Gun Guy,” breaks down what Shreve’s plan is about.

Rob Kendall says the candidate wrote-off guaranteed voters with this plan.

And even WIBC listeners chimed in on their anger and disappointment in Shreve’s gun policies.

Let us know what you think. Has Shreve just handed Democrat Mayor Hogsett re-election? Does this plan go against the party or do you think this unusual tactic will help with votes in the blue city of Indy?