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After a late-night shooting that killed three people last Sunday, the Broad Ripple Village Association sent a letter to Mayor Hogsett asking to make Broad Ripple Avenue a “Gun Free Zone”. Guy Relford after the announcement said that he had legal challenge 90% written should the city move ahead with the plan. On his radio show, Guy said that the proposal is in clear violation of the pre-emption act, and that the city has no legal authority to enforce a “Gun Free Zone” in Broad Ripple. The only possible way around the pre-emption act is the so-called “Jim Irsay exception” where private organizer of an event leases property from the city and can prohibit firearms at the event.

The problem with this strategy is that the proposal from the Broad Ripple would not cover a particular event, the proposal is to cover any typical weekend night in the area. The association appeared to be trying to shoehorn their plan into the exemption of the pre-emption act. Guy wasn’t buying into this pretense and called them on it.

I have a Second Amendment right to carry, the City of Indianapolis can’t just strip me of that, absent very limited circumstances.

Well, almost overnight, Broad Ripple pulled back their plans, when it appeared that they faced certain lawsuits. The bars now have all agreed to close at 1AM, and that they are going to stop the use of private promoters to organize events that may attract an unsavory crowd. That is the exact opposite of the direction they need to go if they are wanting to enact a “Gun Free Zone.”

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