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Indy teens posed with guns in social media post

Source: Marion County Prosecutor’s Office / Marion County Prosecutor’s Office

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. — There was a weapons problem at Indianapolis Metropolitan High School Monday.

An alert was raised at the school when a student reported a picture circulating on social media. The picture showed two teenagers holding guns while posing in the school bathroom. This was very concerning, so the principal, Christina Lear, quickly notified law enforcement. The incident happened around the same time as a shooting near 10th and Tremont Street, which made people even more worried.

Officers from the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department quickly arrived at the scene and worked with school officials to search the students involved. The students involved were Christopher Smith, 16, and Karamba Dioboy. Police asked for permission and searched them thoroughly. They found a handgun hidden in Smith’s waistband, but it was not loaded. However, they found a magazine with seven bullets. They also found another gun in Dioboy’s backpack with a magazine containing eight bullets, but the chamber was empty.

Law enforcement acquired a photo from social media. The photo showed two young men holding the now-confiscated weapons. As a result, Smith and Dioboy were caught. They are now facing four charges each of illegal firearm possession. They are currently in Marion County’s juvenile detention center as legal proceedings continue.

The school’s Principle, Christina Lear, said that they care about the safety of students and staff. Lear thanked the school administrators and law enforcement for working together quickly to make the school operate normally again.

Since January 2021, the Marion County Prosecutor’s Office has reported 26 cases where minors brought guns to school or on school buses. This highlights the need for more safety measures and security protocols to keep students safe.