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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. — To promote positive interactions between police officers and citizens, several police departments in central Indiana have launched a new campaign called “No Ticket, Let’s Fix It.” During traffic stops, if a driver has a broken headlight or taillight, officers will hand out a $25 Jiffy Lube gift card instead of issuing a ticket. This gift card can be used to fix the issue on the spot or at a later time.

The program began in February of this year, initiated by the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department and Marion County Sheriff’s Office. The objective is to reduce minor ticket infractions, increase road safety, and strengthen the relationship between officers and drivers.

The No Ticket, Let’s Fix It campaign has garnered support from 20 different police departments across central Indiana. Jiffy Lube of Central Indiana has generously donated $300,000 to the initiative, which will enable officers to distribute 12,000 gift cards.

Steve Sanner, CEO of Jiffy Lube Indiana, is confident that this campaign will create “happy endings” for drivers who may be stressed out during traffic stops. He is convinced that the gift cards will help drivers understand that officers are there to keep them safe.

The $25 gift card is sufficient to cover the cost of fixing one or two taillights or brake lights, or a standard headlight. By distributing gift cards instead of tickets, officers can help maintain positive relationships with the community while keeping drivers safe.