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The Hypocrisy Alert has been sounded!

Bernie Sanders spoke with Margaret Brennan on Face the Nation to promote his new book, It’s Okay To Be Angry About Capitalism. Sanders starts his book tour next month in DC.

The senator is getting major pushback because not only is he using Ticketmaster for sales, but the tickets themselves are selling as high as $95.

Brennan asked Sanders whether he was benefiting from the ticket system that so many Democrats, including himself, are trying to dismantle.

“First of all, those decisions are made totally by the publisher and the bookseller… but I don’t make a nickel out of these things at all.” 

When Brenan asks if he’s okay with partnering with Ticketmaster, Sanders again deflects to ‘it wasn’t me.’

“No, not particularly. But that’s again, I had nothing to do with that. That is- if you wrote a book, probably be the same process.” 

So to recap: Bernie Sanders is selling tickets, selling a book, about why capitalism sucks… but according to his new book IT’S OKAY TO BE ANGRY ABOUT IT!