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LAKE COUNTY, Ind. — Indiana State Polcie say that a domestic incident led to a police chase and a felony charge.

Friday night, a state trooper got calls from dispatch of multiple 911 calls that a pedestrian was crawling on I-80/94. When the trooper got to the scene, he saw a woman yelling into the passenger side of a minivan. That woman saw the officer, then hopped in the car as it sped away.

The trooper started a chase, that ended as the minivan tried to exit onto Calumet Avenue. The van struck the interstate barrier and crashed against the side of the wall.

A man in the van was ordered to leave, and was arrested, but the woman was unconscious in the passenger seat. At her feet in the car was a firearm.

The trooper took her out of the vehicle to treat her injuries. Both the man and woman were taken to the hospital.

After investigating, police say that a domestic incident happened on the interstate before the trooper arrived. Police arrested the driver of the minivan, Daqwan Bass, for resisting law enforcement, domestic battery, and reckless driving.