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hands grabbing a jail cell bar

INDIANAPOLIS — A man from Indianapolis will spend the next 15 years in federal prison for having videos and pictures of children being sexually abused.

In March of 2021, Indianapolis Metro Police received a tip from Twitter regarding 25-year-old David McCutcheon, Jr., who’s Twitter account had uploaded 17 links leading to videos of children being sexually abused and raped. Some of the kids in those videos were preschool-aged. Police got a search warrant and the Indiana State Police Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force searched McCutcheon’s home.

Police obtained two phones with over 1,300 pictures and over 460 videos of child sex abuse on them. One of the phones had screen-recorded videos from OmeTV, also known as Omegle TV. It’s a free app that allows people to be randomly paired with strangers to talk over a live web cam video. In one of those videos, McCutcheon is talking with two little girls and directs one of them to take their clothes off.

The task force also found collected recordings of sexual bondage and abuse of toddlers and infants. McCutcheon apparently admitted to distributing those videos in hopes of receiving more videos. He admitted to being sexually attracted to children.

The materials McCutcheon collected also included recordings of children being subjected to sexual bondage and the sexual abuse of toddlers and infants. In his plea agreement, McCutcheon admitted that he shared child sexual abuse materials online in hopes of receiving more of the same material and because he was sexually attracted to children.

McCutcheon pled guilty to Distribution and Receipt of Child Pornography, and will spend 15 years in federal prison, plus another 10 years on probation once he’s released. He’ll have to pay 45-thousand-dollars in restitution to his victims and must register as a sex offender for the rest of his life.

In fiscal year 2019, the most recent year for which data is available, the Southern District of Indiana was second out of the 94 federal districts in the country for the number of child sexual exploitation cases prosecuted.