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Dwayne “the Rock” Johnson just made history from his humble multi-million dollar estate in Celebrityland, USA.

The wrestler, who also blesses the people of this great nation with his abilities as a highly-skilled trained thespian, did something Sunday night that he’s never challenged himself to do before.

This grand achievement was so glorious, so startling, so fascinating to the 7.753 billion persons who inhabit this planet where “The Rock” chooses to live that he graciously agreed to share the extraordinary moment with the general public via Instagram – a service that meticulously cultivates only the finest content and most crucial news information available in the world for its users.

And what was this magnificent achievement by Mr. “The Rock,” hero to humanity? This great man, this lion of courage, this warrior of unparalleled distinction consumed two In-And-Out burgers with a side of french fries and a shot of tequila after a workout.

Understandably, there are those amongst us who feel a deep sense of loss and regret that they were unable to witness this majestic moment as it occurred in real-time.

Well, take courage, friend, and fret not. We at the Hammer and Nigel Show are pleased to reveal that after much rigorous negotiation, we’ve been granted permission to reshare the fascinating footage of Mr. “The Rock’s” enormous accomplishment for humanity with our readers:

No word from the White House on whether “The Rock” is being considered for the Presidential Medal of Freedom.

God bless you, honorable sir, “The Rock.” May protection and goodness be with you for all of your days.