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Times are tough and some people suck. Some people suck so very, very much.

It’s that magic combination of facts that often leads to the theft of property from the porches of people who don’t suck or suck for entirely different reasons not related to petty theft or grand larceny.

But porch pirates are a particularly bothersome breed – especially in an era when labor shortages mean “expedited delivery” could take up to three weeks.

Porch thefts happen more often than you think. According to a national study, nearly 4 in 10 shoppers have had a package stolen before it could be delivered. The holidays are the most notorious season.

Fortunately, technology gives online shoppers an opportunity to fight back. Security doorbells are a great deterrent for would-be porch pirates.

Granted, if you order your security doorbell online, have it shipped to the house, and someone steals it from your porch, you’re screwed. But once you get one in your possession and get that baby installed, your porch pirate woes are over! Unless, of course, your porch pirate is an idiot…

Hammer and Guy Relford have the story and audio of a woman who caught a porch pirate on her security doorbell and chased that turd down in the clip below.