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Former VP Mike Pence is making buzz around the nation this weekend as it’s been reported he has begun prepping for potential 2024 presidential run.

Tony Katz says Pence running for 2024 presidency should not be a surprise. However, Katz believes this is more of a way to stay relevant for Pence than it is to actually run a campaign.

“Of course he is going to prep like he’s running, of course he is. You got to keep yourself in the news, keep yourself in the public eye. Politicos run for office even though they know they’re not going to win to keep themselves in the public eye. It’s how you stay current.”

Though Katz and Pence have had a cordial relationship, Katz doesn’t see President Pence in the future.

“The Republican base wants something else and the Democrats will never ever accept it. Remember when they said Trump is Hitler and Pence is worse?…and the Trump people will call him, ignorantly, a traitor. Mike Pence is not a traitor…but he can’t win a presidential election.”

Now we could see Pence as a future Secretary of State, but president? The support isn’t there.

Listen to Tony’s full take here: