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Song singer Camila Cabello is all the rage these days and is riding at the top of the charts!

I’ve never heard one of her songs NOR have I any idea who she is. My daughter is five. We’re in the JoJo Siwa phase of life at present. I considered suicide, but my wife promises it will pass.

Here’s what I do know: Camila Cabello is on a quest to appease the ‘woke’ mob, which includes attending weekly racial healing classes.” You see, at the tender age of 14, Camilla Cabello re-blogged politically incorrect humor that included racial stereotypes. The mob found out a decade later and sentenced Cabello to a re-education camp where she can learn about the virtues of ‘white guilt.’

Back to the Future…

On July 23, Cabello performed her new hit “Don’t Go Yet” on The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon and had a group of background dancers with her on stage. The singer posted a short clip of the performance on Twitter and one of her dancers triggered the insane lefties who have been trained to see racism in everything.

The comments on her Twitter post brought out the trolls who accused the dancer in question of being in blackface.

One fan wrote, “Camila, I love you, but ok, there’s a mistake in your performance, one of the dancers was practicing blackface and that’s unforgivable, you wanted representation but failed, pay more attention.”

So spray tans are now officially ‘blackface.’

Traditional tanning, as far as we know, is still permitted. So while engaging in the practice might lead to your early departure from this mortal coil due to skin cancer, at least you can prematurely die knowing you did everything possible to atone for the sins of America’s past.

By the way, it turns out Camila has a perfectly logical explanation for the terrible spray tan her dancer was sporting.

It’s interesting. In her day, my mom spoke out against the war in Vietnam. That was cool and all, but the modern-day woke mob is truly doing the Lord’s work.