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The Biden administration’s failure to meet vaccine targets is a mess of its own making.

From the very moment that former President Donald Trump’s executive pen cleared the way for pharmaceutical companies to develop life-saving vaccines against the deadly Coronavirus in record time, Democrats launched a vicious campaign against the effort.

Throughout most of the 2020 election season, then-candidate for President Joe Biden and Kamala Harris stood front and center, leading the charge against the so-called ‘Trump Vaccine’ in their desperate bid for the White House.

Now that the Democrats’ lustful favor for political power over American lives has backfired, the corporate media is desperately working to provide cover for the Biden administration’s pre-election anti-vax rhetoric.

Here’s a look at today’s headlines:

Corporate Media Headlines blaming Trump for vaccine hesitancy.

And here’s Democrats prior to the November election:

Tragically, the anti-vax political game has flip-flopped now that Biden is in office. Democrats handed far-right conservatives the ball and they ran with it. And BOY are they running hard.

Mock n’ Rob explain in the clip below.