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The media is on a roll. They are at it again with the hard-hitting questions full of research and reasoning behind it.

President Biden was out for ice cream (apparently a hobby of his) when a reporter nailed him with a question most Americans need an answer too. He was asked if he was getting rocky road because of infrastructure.

Yes, that was in fact the question they chose out of everything going on in the world. Similar to when a CNN reporter kept asking Rep. Brooks about January 6th just earlier this week, the incompetence of such a question was unbeknownst to the giggling press that surrounded the president.

Tony Katz reminds everyone that these are the same people that want you to take them seriously when they don’t even take the president seriously.

“When do you (the media) get embarrassed? When does the press core say ‘okay, alright, this is a bunch of nonsense, can we start treating this guy like he’s the president and ask some serious questions.’ “

Again, the reporter could have asked about the airstrikes, unemployment, rising debt, but at least we got a good laugh together…

Where would we be without our dedicated national media?