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President Joe Biden and his Congressional allies have put forth an insidious number of reckless spending proposals since his inauguration in late January – perhaps none more detestable than Democrats’ loathsome scheme to buy long-term party allegiance through the cancellation of student loan debt.

From USA Today:

On Day One in office, President Joe Biden signed an executive order extending a pause student federal loan payments enacted by the previous administration as part of COVID-19 relief. Liberal activists and lawmakers urged the president to go further and cancel student loan debt, but he has said firmly that he does not believe he has the authority to do so by executive order.

That changed Thursday, when White House chief of staff Ron Klain said Biden asked his education secretary to explore the president’s authority to cancel student loan debt, a sign he is open to moving left on the issue.

Critics of student loan debt forgiveness rightly note that canceling student loan debt benefits primarily higher-income earners with college educations. Further, there is the issue of whether or not individuals who took out loans have a responsibility to pay them back – a “moral responsibility” if you will.

Not according to proponents of debt forgiveness such as Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.), who had the audacity to argue last week that “canceling $50,000 of student loan debt” is a matter of “racial justice.” Huh?

The crux of the matter is this: “What do the American taxpayers get in return for canceling your student loan debts?”

WIBC’s Rob Kendall and Abdul-Hakim Shabazz of discussed the issue on Friday’s edition of the “Mock n’ Rob Show.” Click the link below to hear their discussion in full.