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MISSION, Texas–Senator Mike Braun (R-Ind.) visited the U.S.-Mexico border at Mission, Texas early Friday morning, along with other Republican colleagues to examine first-hand, what Republicans are calling a “crisis”.

“This is just folks coming across the border, unaccompanied,” said Braun, in a video provided by his team, as he stood near a bridge where people could be seen sleeping underneath.

Pres. Joe Biden has asked Vice Pres. Kamala Harris to take charge of the situation at the border, where hundreds of immigrants are coming into the country illegally. Republicans contend that Biden is responsible for the influx, while Democrats say Trump’s policies that some believe had slowed illegal immigration, were inhumane.

Biden said during his first news conference since taking office, Thursday, that single people were being turned back, but that he would make sure children would be taken care of.

“When they had the ‘stay in Mexico policy, it was a 45-year record low,” said Braun.

“We have people being house underneath a bridge. While they’re doing this criminals are coming across the river, poisoning our families and killing 80,000 people a year,” said Tillis, speaking of the drug trade at the border.

“It’s a humanitarian crisis, a health crisis,” said Braun, who said in the video that the visit to the border was his first. Tillis said he had been two years prior, and he believed there were far fewer people crossing at that point.

“Smugglers are getting what? Four thousand bucks per immigrant that they bring forward,” said Braun. “The cartels just across the river are making almost $14 million a day to do this to these good people,” said Tillis.

Braun said he had spoken with Border Patrol agents who told him under the Trump administration that morale among agents was at its highest.

The people making the most money at the border may be human traffickers. As Braun pointed out, they can make as much as $4,000 smuggling people into the U.S. and keeping them enslaved for prostitution.