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A gay father was denied a spot on the San Francisco School Board’s Parent Advisory Council due to his race during a Feb. 9 meeting.

Seth Brenzel was unanimously endorsed by the sitting members of the Parent Advisory Council for one of the council’s four open seats. The Advisory Council specifically noted that it was lacking representation from “LGBTQ+ families and those with experience with foster youth.”

Before the school board began even considering Brenzel’s appointment, however, Commissioner Matt Alexander expressed concern about “creating [a] space that over-represent[s] white parents.”

“This is public shaming. It’s bullying behavior by people of power. Leaders of our community. Seth is one of the most caring people I know,” a community member in support of Brenzel said, according to a transcript.

Another supporter noted that “Seth would be the only male on the pact. He would be the only LGBTQ member. He has a mixed-race child.”