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There’s an all-new TikTok challenge making the rounds: “Would you punch your loved one in the face for $1 billion?”

It’s a question that had Mock doing what all women do: turn to your husband and put him in an unwinnable position.

Yes, Mock asked her amazing husband – without context, mind you – if he would be willing to belt her one for a windfall of cash.

Now, who asks these sort of things of their significant other?

  • “Does this dress make me look thinner or fatter than I really am?”
  • “My sister is so pretty. Don’t you think my sister is hot?”
  • “If I died and I told you could remarry as long as it’s one of my friends, which one would you choose?”
  • “Do you notice anything new about me?”
  • “Do you love me more for my looks or my brains?”
  • “What is the thing you like least about me?”

Hear me now, fellas: It’s a trap! Don’t answer any of the above questions unless you have an extremely comfortable couch.

By the way, Mock’s husband confirms that he would totally punch Mock in the face for one billion dollars (with her blessing, of course), but not one million.

Rob’s a “no” on the “punching a loved one” question for himself. However, he’s cool with raising one billion dollars on GoFund Me and giving it to Mayor Joe Hogsett’s wife.