Sentiment – Amused

Last night, Liz Cheney was defeated in the Wyoming GOP Primary. Harriet Hageman defeated Cheney by a 30-point margin. Cheney is very outspoken about her angst towards President Trump. Meanwhile, Hageman was backed by President Trump. After being defeated, Cheney went on to compare herself to President Abraham Lincoln. President Trump weighed in on […]

The owners of My Inner Baby in Noblesville said on Twitter that the store has temporarily closed. A statement from a Noblesville Legal Spokesperson: The City is continuing to take appropriate action to enforce existing zoning ordinances for the benefit of the community. On August 1, 2022, the Board of Zoning Appeals unanimously affirmed the […]

A Florida judge has scheduled a hearing this Thursday in Florida regarding the matter of unsealing FBI records related to last week’s raid of Mar-a-Lago. President Trump weighed-in on Truth Social and Producer TKW reads the post in his Trump impression.  

15-Time Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Champion Joey Chestnut joins the Hammer & Nigel Show to talk about his most recent Nathan’s victory, his upcoming appearance at Victory Field versus the Dollar Menu, and more. Give him an eating challenge, and @joeyjaws does not miss. 1 minute, chips: 10 bags 1 minute, popcorn: 4.5, 24-ounce servings […]

Kevin Federline posted some videos from several years ago of Britney Spears arguing with their sons, in order to show why they don’t want to spend time with her. Here’s a TikTok’er explaining the code words and phrases you can say to the bartender if you’re feeling unsafe at a club. Is This Anything?

I should make it clear at the outset that I’m not a member of PETA, I don’t have a problem with hunting, and I don’t own any cattle as household pets. I also make some of the tastiest steaks on the face of the planet. Ask anyone who knows me and they’ll affirm that claim. […]

Tomi Lahren of Fox News and Outkick joins the Hammer & Nigel Show to talk about President Trump, the FBI raid, and more.  

Tony Kinnett of Chalkboard Review joins the Hammer & Nigel Show to talk about FBI raid of Mar-A-Lago, IRS adding 80,000+ agents, and more.

The friendly safety experts at “Snow Removal Hacks & Tricks” remind you to take the proper safety precautions before utilizing a military-grade flame thrower to clear ice & snow from your driveway this winter. Yes, clearing snow accumulation from your property with a massive stream of fire is great fun for the kids, but responsible […]

Pete Rose paid a visit to Philadelphia last weekend as part of the celebration of the Phillies’ 1980 World Series team. It was a big event – especially since Rose isn’t usually near the ballpark due to his lifetime ban from baseball. Things were going well. Rose enjoyed some coffee with his teammates. The crowd welcomed him […]