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Top 10 Professions That Are No Longer Worth Pursuing

As Technology advances at a rapid rate in today’s society, many professions that were once sought after are now becoming outdated. Technological advancements, economic shifts, and diminishing demand have dramatically affected the professional landscape.

Here is a list of 10 professions that are becoming obsolete and are no longer worth pursuing:

1. Travel Agents

travel agent give flight tickets and passport to customer at agency office. vacation planning service Source:Getty

Travel Agencies have been replaced almost entirely by online booking platforms and apps. 

2. Print Journalist

50 years of "Rolling Stones" Source:Getty

Since the rise of the internet in the Information Age, the shift towards digital media has had a significant impact on print journalism careers and their business models. 

3. Translators


The need for human translators is decreasing as artificial intelligence and software technologies become more developed.  

4. Bank Teller

Bank Of America 4th Quarter Earnings Miss Wall Street Estimates Source:Getty

The convenience of automated banking and online transactions has made the need for in-person bank services less necessary. 

5. Postal Worker

Cirencester Post Office Source:Getty

The need for the post office and its workers has been reduced since digital communication, automatic bill pay, and online media has led to a decline in traditional mail. 

6. Content Writers

Remote work, laptop and woman with dog in house for research, planning or web communication at home. Computer, pets or freelance writer in living room with article, info or search with border collie Source:Getty

Artificial intelligence and editing software have made this role obsolete. 

7. Factory Workers in Certain Sectors

Unrecognisable warehouse worker carrying tires at storage room Source:Getty

Automation and robotics are replacing many manual jobs in manufacturing. 

8. Film Projectionist


Digital projection in movie theaters has nearly eliminated the role of traditional film projectionists. 

9. Switchboard Operator

Young woman working in a call center Source:Getty

Advanced telecommunication systems have automated this role. 

10. Librarian

Librarian organizing books at the library Source:Getty

While Librarians are not completely outdated, this occupation is being impacted significantly due to digital access to information.