INDIANAPOLIS — A federal transportation mask mandate will remain in place for an additional two weeks, says the CDC. The mandate requires you to wear a mask on public buses, trains, planes, or any other form of public transportation as a measure to curb the spread of COVID-19. It remains in place because of a […]

WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind. — When the pandemic began in March of 2020, some states began immediate stay at-home orders, or quarantines. Some states chose quarantines at a later date, but what happened immediately to the economies of the first states to implement quarantines? They took a hit, according to an ongoing study from Purdue University. […]

(INDIANAPOLIS) – Another COVID-19 variant is gaining ground, but health experts say this one isn’t cause for alarm. BA.2 isn’t actually a variant, but an Omicron subvariant, meaning it’s mostly the same as the last version. It is more contagious, and has been blamed for a rise in cases in countries in Europe and Asia. […]

SOUTH BEND, Ind. — Most school districts in Indiana have already gone to a mask optional plan as they still navigate the COVID-19 pandemic, but South Bend Schools were among the last holdouts to keep masks required up until this week. At a school board meeting on Monday, the district voted to move to mask […]

STATEHOUSE — Governor Holcomb has signed a bill making parts of his COVID emergency order into state law, which means his order has been rescinded nearly two years after it was out in place. With the order being lifted, the state will no longer receive expanded food stamp benefits starting April 15th. The bill will […]

(INDIANAPOLIS) – Employers would have to offer medical or religious exemptions from the COVID vaccine under a bill passed by the Senate. Businesses could ask workers to document their exemption requests but couldn’t just refuse to consider them. That’s narrower than the House’s version, which would have let workers refuse the vaccine, no questions asked. […]

(INDIANAPOLIS) – Indiana’s health emergency declaration is approaching its second anniversary, but legislative leaders say the end is in sight. Governor Holcomb said in November the only remaining hurdle before ending the emergency is to pass a bill preserving enhanced Medicaid and food stamp benefits, and maintaining the state health department’s ability to authorize COVID-19 […]

(INDIANAPOLIS) – For a second straight year, schools which took some of their classes online due to the pandemic won’t lose money over it, under a bill headed for the House floor. Indiana law says if more than half your classes are held online, you’re a virtual school and receive less money. That created problems […]

(INDIANAPOLIS) – Senate Republicans have scaled back a proposed ban on employer vaccine requirements for COVID-19. Companies would still have to honor medical or religious exemptions, but they wouldn’t just have to take your word for it. The bill would instead follow standards laid out in federal civil rights law, which say companies have a […]

INDIANAPOLIS–In a deal worth at least $720 million, Eli Lilly and Company says it will supply the U.S. government up to 600,000 thousand doses of a drug for the treatment of mild to moderate COVID-19 in certain high-risk patients. The agreement is conditional on Lilly getting Emergency Use Authorization for the drug, which is called […]