“Diversity, equity, belonging that is who we are. We accept everyone in our institution. We are inclusive.” That is a quote from Sue Ellspermann, the President of Ivy Tech. This is day three of Ivy Tech Week, and today Tony Katz released another part of a 45 minute interview. In this clip they discuss diversity […]

Another Republican out of South Carolina could be challenging Donald Trump for the Republican presidential nomination. Senator Tim Scott officially announced his presidential exploratory committee today. An exploratory committee is a way for potential candidates to dip their toe in the water and see how it is before they officially throw their hat in the […]

Megan Rapinoe and Sue Bird are two of the most popular female athletes on the planet. They would call themselves feminists, but they are not. Rapinoe is best know for her time on the national soccer stage. She has played in multiple Women’s World Cups. She is known for more than just playing soccer though. She […]

Ivy Tech’s President Sue Ellspermann, joined Tony Katz again today. This time to discuss if college is worth the cost. A college degree is valuable but expensive, especially in Indiana. According to, Indiana is the 12th most expensive state for college tuition. The question of “Is it worth it?” is a question worth asking. […]

Gerry Dick joins to talk about Blue Buffalo, one of the leading pet food brands, expanding into Richmond, Indiana. Blue Buffalo has broken ground on a $200 million dollar expansion facility in Richmond, Indiana. The expansion is expected to be completed by the end of next year. The expansion should create 60 new jobs. Secretary […]

Ivy Tech President Sue Ellspermann, joined Tony Katz today to start “Ivy Tech Week” to discuss how higher education is changing. She was selected in May of 2016 to be the new President of Ivy Tech. Before that, she most recently served as Indiana’s 50th Lieutenant Governor from 2013 until March 2016. Ivy Tech is […]

New Chicago Mayor elect, Brandon Johnson is as progressive as they come in almost every category. He also lied to the people of Chicago. Mayor Johnson said that he would not raise taxes, but his interview on ‘CBS Mornings,’ he goes back on that statement. If you watched both clips you see that he not […]

Riley Gaines had to be police escorted out of San Francisco State University after delivering a speech on saving women’s sports. Before that, she was barricaded in a room for three hours by protesters. She was hit by a man, while police were escorting her. This is insanity. She was verbally abused and was not […]

Participation trophies have become a routine part of young people’s lives. Youth sports leagues have become like Oprah. You get a trophy, you get a trophy, everyone gets a trophy! North Carolina is looking to put an end to it. The “Eliminate Participation Trophies” bill would require awards in youth sports leagues to be “based […]

Karine Jean-Pierre continues to do what she does best. She continues to not answer the questions of the American people. Jean-Pierre dodges questions better than Neo dodges bullets in The Matrix. The school shooting in Nashville has taken a backseat recently due to Trump’s indictment and arraignment. It was brought yesterday though to Jean-Pierre by […]