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They are starting to come after your children. In California, parents may lose custody of the child if they resist gender transition.

The California State Assembly has approved a bill, AB 957, making gender affirmation a factor to be considered in child custody cases.

They are claiming that this new legislation, titled the Transgender, Gender-Diverse, and Intersex Youth Empowerment Act, is seeking to prioritize the “health, safety and welfare” of children, by placing a spotlight on affirming a child’s gender identity.
Under this new law, parents, who fail to acknowledge and support their kid’s gender transition, could face consequences, including the loss of custody rights to another parent or even the state itself. The Left is claiming that this is necessary to ensure the well-being of transgender and gender-diverse children.
The Right is voicing concerns, asserting that this legislation could violate parental rights and autonomy. Critics contend that it could lead to situations where parents are penalized for not conforming to a child’s gender transition, which they view as government overreach.
It is a government overreach. It also is not the job of any parent to affirm the behavior of their child. It is their job to protect their child. If a young boy or girl claimed to be a rocket ship, should the parents in the state of California allow that kid to jump off the roof?
The answer is obviously no. The kid would get hurt. That is not responsible parenting.
Parents should not be required by the government to affirm everything their child does. In fact, if parents affirmed everything their kids did, then being a teacher would be more impossible than it is now. Affirming someone goes beyond their identity and into their actions.
If parents are supposed to affirm their children, then does that mean when the kid acts up in school, they have to support them in that? I would hope not.
Laws need to be made to protect young people, not put them in power over their parents.
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