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(INDIANAPOLIS) — If you’re having symptoms of a heart attack or stroke, the coronavirus shouldn’t stop you from getting checked out.

Emergency rooms say they’re seeing half as many cardiac and stroke patients as they were before the pandemic — and it’s not that there are any fewer strokes and heart attacks. People are just staying home instead of getting their symptoms checked out.

Ascension Saint Vincent cardiologist Edward Fry says patients trying to power through cardiac symptoms because they’re afraid of catching the coronavirus at the hospital are focused on the wrong risk. He says quick medical attention is critical to minimizing or preventing damage from heart attack or stroke.

And Fry says there’s little risk of catching the virus at the hospital. He says at the start of the pandemic, it might have been a closer call — the evidence that masks prevent infection wasn’t as clear. He says at this point, all staff and patients at the hospital are masked, and hospitals are enforcing social distancing protocols.