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U.S. President and stable genius Donald Trump can’t stop talking about that cognitive test he aced, and for good reason: the Democrat challenger in the 2020 election is a vegetable in-the-making who consistently demonstrates that he lacks the mental fitness required to hold office – ANY office.

Trump is a man who doesn’t drink coffee or alcohol, doesn’t smoke, and allegedly operates on four hours or less of sleep per night.


Joe Biden has been known to zonk out mid-interview

In describing his very “difficult” cognitive exam, Trump said doctors administering it were amazed by his ability.

Trump said he asked his physician upon his last hospital visit “a little less than a year ago” whether there was “some kind of a cognitive test that I could take” in order to “shut these people up,” referring to critics who have questioned his mental acuity while ignoring the likelihood that Joe Biden spends most of his days yelling at squirrels.

“It was 30 or 35 questions,” Trump explained. “The first questions are very easy. The last questions are much more difficult. Like a memory question,” he continued. “It’s like, you’ll go, ‘Person, woman, man, camera, TV.’ So they say, ‘Could you repeat that?’ So I said, ‘Yeah.’ So it’s, ‘Person, woman, man, camera, TV.’ OK, that’s very good. If you get it in order, you get extra points.”

Then, “10 minutes, 15, 20 minutes later” in the cognitive exam, “they say, ‘Remember the first question?’ Not the first, but the tenth question. ‘Give us that again. Can you do that again?’ And you go, ‘Person, woman, man, camera, TV,’” Trump said.

The President said doctors told him “nobody gets it in order,” and stated that “it’s actually not that easy. But for me, it was easy.”

“‘Can you do it?’ And you go, ‘Person, woman, man, camera, TV,’” Trump said. “They say, ‘That’s amazing, how did you do that?’ I do it because I have, like, a good memory. Because I’m cognitively there.”

Okay, so maybe a cognitive test doesn’t qualify Trump for MENSA. But again…

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