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INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — On Wednesday, Indiana State Police investigators went back at the scene where Dreasjon Reed died in what Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department officials called an exchange of gunfire with an officer.

There was a large tent over part of the area at 62nd and Michigan roads.

A handful of people were walking around with shovels, cameras, buckets, and metal detectors. I-Team 8 reached out to ISP, who confirmed they were out there but would not tell us what they might have been looking for. We were kept away from the area with crime scene tape, and no one at the scene would talk with us, but they spent several hours out there.

Rosemary Khoury, deputy prosecutor for Madison County and special prosecutor for the Reed case, asked ISP to take over the investigation last month, saying she wants to review the evidence in “as sterile an environment as possible.”

IMPD has claimed Reed had a gun at the time of the shooting, and that at least two shots were fired from that weapon following a police chase. More than a dozen total shots were fired.

Fatima Johnson, managing attorney of the Law Firm of Fatima Johnson and attorney for the Reed family, sent I-Team 8 a statement regarding the progress of the investigation:

“We are beyond disappointed at the way this case has been handled thus far. Dreasjon “Sean” Reed lost his life and we know no more today than we did on May 6, 2020. Looking for physical evidence two months after a crime occurred is just one of the deviations that let us know that there was never any intention to tell the truth about what happened that day. I’m sure the public can see through this façade.”

Reed’s family has publicly labeled his death a “murder.”

No criminal charges have been filed, and there’s no public timeline for the special prosecutor to reach a decision.