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Severe Weather Chances

Source: X / @NWS

INDIANAPOLIS — Severe weather is anticipated across Indiana starting Tuesday. The first round of storms is expected Tuesday morning, likely below severe thresholds, but strong storms and heavy rainfall are still possible.

After those storms move through, more are expected later in the day on Tuesday, bringing with them the possibility of various hazards.

“So, large hail, damaging winds, and maybe even a few tornadoes,” said Aaron Updike with the National Weather Service. “For tomorrow, we have a slight risk, which is that level two out of five, and most of it is because we are uncertain where the storms will initiate tomorrow, but as far as severity, we could see very large hail, winds, and tornadoes.”

On Tuesday, the risk for severe weather is higher in the southern half of Indiana along and below the I-70 highway. The winds could be as strong as 60 miles per hour; by Wednesday, they might even exceed 80 miles per hour.

“With Wednesday, we are looking at more of a line of thunderstorms moving through, and with that, we are worried about high wind gusts and maybe even some small spin-up tornadoes.”