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Washington Washington Football Team defensive coordinator Jack Del Rio has a message for fans who slammed him for supporting President Trump: Kiss my a**!

Del Rio came under attack after he sent out a series of political tweets Tuesday night, saying he’s “100% for America.”

His tweets included a screenshot of a fake tweet attributed to Democratic Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez calling to extend quarantine restrictions in order to prevent Trump from winning reelection.

The supposed tweet was shared by someone with the caption “AOC hates America.” Del Rio then shared it saying “Wow?!! Proof…. C’mon AOC.”

Del Rio then shared a video defending the President against those who label him a racist.

Del Rio finally addressed the remarks quoting one user who said “Just found out @coachdelrio is a trump supporter. Wish these old racists would stay off Twitter.”

Del Rio hit back: “I’m 100% for America, if you’re not you can kiss my A**.”

In celebration of this fine moment in NFL history, Hammer and Nigel decided to broaden the discussion of Del Rio to ALL blessed moments in “Kiss My A**” history. Click below to savor and enjoy.

(Photo by Todd Anderson/Disney Resorts via Getty Images)